Clinical Psychology

We are a team of psychologists with extensive professional experience that addresses
psychological problems from a scientific orientation, that is, behavioral or
cognitive behavioral

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The pandemic situation that the world is experiencing now has notably increased the manifestation of many psychological difficulties. Some of them are new to people who did not have them until the onset of the pandemic, while for others, existing problems have been exacerbated. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are frequent, for which, fortunately, there are highly effective cognitive-behavioral treatments. In any case, the mantra that “we will come out stronger” from the current situation is simply that, a empty phrase empty that some public figures and the media insist on spreading to the surprise of many people who feel that they are worse off and they do not understand where they will come out stronger. However, from the FUNVECA Clinical Psychology Center we offer treatment to all people with psychological difficulties, helping them to overcome them since the current situation can serve as a turning point to face, once and for all, their fears, anxieties, symptoms depressive and other dysfunctional and pathological manifestations. In this way, it would be possible that during (and after) this pandemic period they feel better able to cope with their emotional difficulties, not by magic, as reported in the media, but by having learned, with the help from a health professional, strategies and skills to overcome such difficulties.

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Therapies and disorders

We are a clinical center specialized in the treatment of anxiety / social phobia. We will start the next treatment groups next November, applying our MISA program.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is characterized by great instability in social relationships, personal image and emotions, as well as a marked impulsivity.

Couple problems are quite frequent today. Our center specializes in the treatment of these problems.

Our team has been working and researching for some time on other problems that negatively impact the individual.