Clinical Psychology

We are a team of psychologists with extensive professional experience that addresses
psychological problems from a scientific orientation, that is, behavioral or
cognitive behavioral

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Taking into account the global situation created by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, numerous psychological guidelines have been proposed to help people better endure the quarantine decreed by many countries. In order not to be tiresome, simply point out some of the most important aspects:

1) Consider that the period of confinement is something temporary
2) Not obsessing over the news or being aware of the media all day
3) Learn to live and enjoy every aspect of the confinement situation to the fullest, focus on the here and now
4) Relate not only with the people with whom you live but with friends, other relatives, colleagues, etc. through virtual means
5) Plan a daily routine (bedtime and wake time, time spent on each activity, such as watching TV, exercising, studying, working, fixing the house, etc.).

If you need more detailed guidance, look for reliable sources on the Internet (e.g., universities, psychological associations, reputable clinical centers).

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Therapies and disorders

We are a clinical center specialized in the treatment of anxiety / social phobia. We will start the next treatment groups next November, applying our MISA program.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is characterized by great instability in social relationships, personal image and emotions, as well as a marked impulsivity.

Couple problems are quite frequent today. Our center specializes in the treatment of these problems.

Our team has been working and researching for some time on other problems that negatively impact the individual.