Together with the research group “Advances in Psychopathology and Behavior Therapy” (APYTEC) of the University of Granada and the collaboration of researchers and professionals from Spain, Portugal and 18 countries in Latin America, we have developed the Social Anxiety Questionnaire for adults (SAQ) for Spanish, Portuguese and English speaking population.

We have also developed the Social Anxiety Questionnaires for Children (SAQ-C) which has been published in Spanish, Portuguese, and English

Both questionnaires (SAQ and SAQ-C) can be found free and complete in the publications section of this page, as well as various articles on their psychometric properties.

Recently, we have started with the cross-cultural validation of the Multidimensional Intervention for Social Anxiety (MISA) program. Ten different countries are currently participating in it and if you want to contribute to the development of this project write please to: